SETA contacts for learnerships (funded occupational training)

Learnership make contact with SETA

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And now for the tips:

Contact the relevant SETA and ask: ‘What 18.2 learnerships are available and who is the service provider?’

An 18.2 Learnership program is one which specifically targets the unemployed. 18.1 Learnerships are those for the currently employed. Once you know, contact the service provider by asking the SETA for their details (the information is not confidential) or find them online (sometimes it’s easier than dealing with grumpy SETA officials).

Scroll down, they’re listed in alphabetical order. Good luck, don’t let anything stand in your way!!!

Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority SETA

Physical Address: AgriSETA House 529 Belvedere Road Arcadia 0083

Postal Address: P O Box 26024 Arcadia 0007

Telephone: + 27 12 301 5600




Physical Address: Thornhill Office Park, Block 22, 94 Bekker Road,  Midrand 1685

Postal Address: P O Box 11678 Vorna Valley 1685

Postal Address: P O Box 1955 Halfway House 1685

Telephone: +27 11 805 9661


Construction Education and Training Authority SETA

Physical Address: 1st Floor, Building No.5 Midrand Business Park, Old Pretoria Road, Midrand 1685

Postal Address: P O Box 1955, Halfway House 1685

Telephone: +27 11 265 5900


Chemical Industries SETA

Physical Address: 2 Clamart Road Richmond Johannesburg 2292

Postal Address: P O Box 961 Auckland Park 2006

Telephone: +27 11 726 4026



Culture Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports SETA

Physical Address: 3rd Floor, Block E Sandhurst Office Park Crn Rivonia Road & Katherine Street 2146

Postal Address: P O Box 1329 Rivonia 2128

Telephone: +27 11 217 0600



Energy and WaterSETA

Physical Address: MPF House 2nd & 3rd Floors 32 Princess of Wales Terrace Parktown Johannesburg South Africa

Postal Address: P O Box 5983 Johannesburg 2000 South Africa

Telephone: +27 11 689 5300



Education Training and Development Practices SETA

Physical Address: 12th Floor Durban Bay House 333 Smith Street Durban

Postal Address: Private Bag X 9070 East London 5200

Telephone: +27 31 304-5930


Financial and Accounting Services SETA

Physical Address: Building 3 Ground Floor 299 Pendoring Road Blackheath Randburg

Postal Address: P O Box 6801 Cresta 2118 Gauteng

Telephone: +27 11 476 8570



Fibre, Processing & Manufacturing SETA

Physical Address: Tuscany Office Park Building 2 Coombe Place Rivonia 2128

Postal Address: P O Box 2128 Rivonia 2128 South Africa

Telephone: +27 11 234 2311



Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry SETA

Physical Address: 13 Autumn Street Rivonia 2128

Postal Address: P O Box 245 Gallo Manor 2052 South Africa

Telephone: +27 11 253 7300



Health and Welfare SETA

Physical Address: 17 Bradford Road Bedfordview

Postal Address: Private Bag X15 Bradford Corner Gardenview 2047

Telephone: +27 11 607 6900



Insurance SETA

Physical Address: Oakhurst, North Wing Ground Floor 11 St. Andrews Road Parktown 2193 Johannesburg

Postal Address: P O Box 32035 Braamfontein 2017 Johannesburg

Telephone: +27 11 544 2000



Local Government SETA

Physical Address: 4/6 Corporate Park Building 4th Floor Skeem Boulevard Bedfordview 2007

Postal Address: P O Box 1964 Bedfordview 2008

Telephone:+27 11 456 8579



Media, Advertising, Information and Communication Technologies SETA

Physical Address: Block 2, Level 3 West Gallagher Estate 19 Richards Drive Halfway House Midrand 1685

Postal Address: P O Box 5585 Halfway House 1685

Telephone:+27 11 207 2600


Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA

Physical Address: merSETA House 95 7th Avenue Crn Rustenburg Road Melville Johannesburg

Telephone: +27 10 219 3000


Mining Qualifications Authority SETA

Physical Address: 4th Floor Union Corporation Building 74-78 Marshall Street Marshalltown Johannesburg

Postal Address: Private Bag X118 Marshall Town 2107

Telephone: +27 11 630 3500



Public Service SETA

Physical Address: 420 Festival Road Hatfield Pretoria

Postal Address: Private Bag X916 Pretoria 0001

Telephone: Tel: +27 12 423 5700



Safety and Security SETA

Physical Address: 3rd Level Gallagher House Richards Drive Gallagher Estate Midrand 1685

Postal Address: P O Box 7612 Halfway House 1685

Telephone: 086 110 2477



Services SETA

Physical Address: Ristone Office Block South 15 Sherborne Road Parktown

Postal Address: P O Box 3322 Houghton 2041

Telephone: +27 11 276 9600



Transport SETA

Physical Address: 2nd Floor, Sonsono Building 344 Pretorius Avenue Randburg 2125

Postal Address: Private Bag X10016 Randburg 2125

Telephone: +27 11 781 1280 / 0197



Wholesale and Retail SETA

Physical Address: Regional Office Ground floor, Block B 1267 Pretorius Street Hadefield Office Park Hatfield Pretoria

Postal Address: P O Box 14780 Hatfield 0028

Telephone: +27 12 430 4930



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  2. Thuso Mooketsi

    I am currently working in a mining industry,I have successfully completed MQA level 2 in strata control with EXTRACTon Sep 2013 and have not yet received my certificate,when I ask my seniors they tell me that they have not received certificates from MQA

  3. mokgadi

    I was studying tourism last year at university of technology due to financial problems iam owing. t tshwane university of technology. so I cannot afford and I dnt want to stay at home.doing nothing so I will like to have any information.about leanership in tourism or any

  4. I have passed my matric and I want to do engineering, I’m need of learnership,I don’t know what to do to get learnership.

    • Please read our advice, we can’t help you if you can’t help yourself ok. It’s gotta start with your effort. Check out our links and start sending applications or contact large engineering firms and ask if they run learnership. Best of luck!!

  5. Mokone

    Hi there i’m DJ i was studying electrical engineering at protech training last year doing my NQF level2 under construction ceta, i mean things were not going well, but towards the of the year they offered us something like a contract from service seta, they told us we gonna start this year january, even now we still waiting for them and they dnt tell us the exact date when are we going to start, if you can, can you please clarify me about seta’s start date and monthly stipend, because sometimes we get it very hard to trust that training centre the way the treating us

  6. Hi,am really cross with the way learnerships are managed.i have been studying plumbing with in touch community development &capricorn fet college from 2014 till december,they promised us certificate and stipends,i think that learnerships enriches the rich while the poor become poorer.people pocket the money intended to help us to enrich themselves and their families.28million rand from seta dissapeared,our december-january stipends has not been payed,no certificates,we have turned into the laughing stock in our community,another year down the drain.seta can u please investigate.frustrated-limpopo

  7. I passed my N6 in Human Resource Management last year, i got a call on Thursday, last week from my Student Support Services from my College, request me to come at Mthatha General Hospital to do In-service Training for 18 months in order for me to get my Diploma and said i’ll get a Stipend of R3 800 per month.

    Today i met Mr. S Simane from my College, who is resposibly to take of the money from SETA to provide students that are currently doing In-service Trainin, he said SETA didn’t reply to his application and said i’ll not get any cent and i must forget about the Stipend.

    I talked him that i don’t have money to proceed with this In-serve becourse of Rent(1000) and Transport(R400) per month and no one is working at home i helped by child support, he said he have no other option.

    Now my parents took a decision for me live the In-serve and come back home becourse they don’t have money to provide me, please help i don’t know what can i do now, i really need the In-service Training.

    • Hi Apiwe, I’m sorry to hear about your challenges which you have so clearly explained. I’ve visited the HW SETA website ( ) and I see they are telling learners to be careful when enrolling with private service providers. You need to explain your situation to them. Follow that link and make a few calls. Please write down the name of the person you speak with and what they say. Send us the information and we will follow up from our side for you if they are unwilling to assist.
      Best of luck!

    • Thobeka

      Im the one who did nt getting the money. I phone to central office of my college,they say i must fax the letter to confirm that im doing inservice training even now they didnt say anything because everyday im transporting

      • Hi Thobeka
        I understand your frustration. Do you know which SETA is funding the program? Find out and contact them directly or go to the Department of Labour. You are considered an employee whilst on a Learnership and can use the legislation to protect yourself or settle disputes.

  8. my name is miranda zungu i want learnership of sme

  9. Thobeka

    I doing inservice training,,i was studing at manjuba college. Why other learners who doing inservice everything month they earn money from SEta bt other they dont get the money, they doing inservice training for free

  10. Nomonde Present

    I am Nomonde Present from Northern Cape Urban FET College (City Campus) studying Management Assistant N6 with no work internship,. an internship or learnership will increase my chances to be hired

    Your response would be highly appreciated

    Yours faithfully

    Nomonde Present

    • Hi Nomonde! Please click on the ‘Find a Learnership’ link for articles related to your question. Let us know what worked for you. Good luck and best wishes!

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  13. Hi’ good people I’ also had this kind of a problem I’ have theory and pratical training under M.Q.A compitencie from training academy Fondiza Zonke Academy,since 2011 for a year,Installation and maintenance to support unit rock structures hydraulic systems visiin frame work’ and not yet received the certificate find competent person;B I’ had the statement of results that approved in Pretoria by company issued company is supposed to give the letter is still not requiring to do so,still no certificate and now still is 2015.

  14. thabiso

    I have passed Grade 12 and furthermore I have passed N1 and N2 in Electrical engineering, currently I’m working in the mine and I’m in need for learnership

  15. Helo im sizwe im looking for learnership in HR N4 or internship in Marketing Management N4-N6.Please call me @ 0786976059 or 011736-6971..Thank you….

  16. Helo im sizwe, I hv Matric nd im also looking for learnership in HR N4 or internship in Marketing Management N4-N6.Please call me @ 0786976059 or 011736-6971..Thank you….

    • Hi Sizwe. You must find your own learnership as no one else can do it for you. Read the Learnership articles on this site to understand how to do it. Do not be lazy, do not wait for god, it’s your life so success is your responsibility. Make it happen! You can do it!!!!

  17. I want to know my application status of SASSETA 2015.

  18. hatibo

    keep up the gud wrk guys thumbs up

  19. Babalwa

    I would like to know what provision do you have for people that have experience but do not have formal qualifications. And are out of jobs. For instance I am 38 years and have 12 years experience in retail from cashier , accounts clerk , sales person and financial services manager but I am looking for a job now I do not seem to fit in management positions. Any help or advice please

    • Hi Babalwa
      Truth is there are people looking for someone just like you. It’s a numbers game, you need to make yourself accessible to as many organisations as possible. Set up an awesome profile on Linkedin. Send connection requests to everyone you find in HR and recruitment. If you want a job within the next two months, you must apply for a job pretty much EVERYDAY. MAKE YOURSELF VISIBLE. Best wishes!

  20. Leah

    I would like to receive notifications about travel and tourism internships

  21. We dont get paid in kwadukuza umfolozi college chief Albert luthuli campus money that is funded by Contraction SETA the took it from February contact me on 0710308480/0734950756

    • Hi Sphesihle, learnership people are considered employed for the duration of their contract. You can therefor go to the CCMA and Department of Labour to lodge a dispute and request mediation.

  22. itumeleng

    I would like to be informed everytime there are learnership.

  23. i just finished my level 3 of manufacturing and design in jewellery at slji.i like to know about age difference if the learnership they have to drop the over 35 years learners?

    • Noooo Dineo! I’ve actually had a lovely young man at the age of 60 on a learnership! Older learners bring dignity and perseverance to the program, they usually put the ‘lighties’ in their place! :-) There’s no age discrimination but the funding may not be the same as government really wants to get the youth trained and employed.


    Applying for Learnership

  25. Sbonelo

    Godbless this company for finding people like us and give us big opportunities to approve our lives.

  26. My name is jabulile ntuli i have higher certificate N6 of human resorce management i need intership contact 079 2406 578/061 3131 670

  27. Stephens

    Dear sir/madam
    what i really want to know is can some of this companies take internships?
    Yours truly
    m s letlalo

  28. Stephens

    Dear sir/madam
    what i really want to know is can some of this companies take internships? i studied electrical at TVET college

    • Companies can offer learnerships and internships. Internships are EXCELLENT for people who have the qualification but no experience. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  29. yoza

    Good evening

    On 10th February 2015 I joined LGSETA programme. I was trilled,because I’ll start working and getting and experience… The HR officer Mr Koyana from Port St John’s Municipality placed me in a local school to be a teacher,but I have a national diploma in business management . Not EDUCATION. He told the school principal to make use of me,they will pay. We signed incomplete cotracts. We were never told how much we gonna receive per month. On May they called a meeting. Told us that the money is not there yet. And Graduates will earn R3500 pm. People with certificate R1800 and people who are doing plumbing. They told us that we’ll be back payed from March,because the programme supposedto start on March. 01 June they deposited R5400. To my surprise I phoned the HR officer. He asked me in a rude manner”ain’t you an FET graduate”?. I said yes. And he said “so ke sisi the FET diploma is no the same as University Diploma. That’s why you’re getting R1800.”. I want to know SETA People are you making us LESS educated? He said its Seta’s decision to discriminate us like this… and he said we are not employed. We are getting exposure… We are to work for another 3-4 months with no pay…. stressed. I spend R1000 for transport monthly. I teach ECONOMIC AND management science grades 7,8&9. English 7&8 and Life orientation grade 7. It is too much.

    • Hi Yoza
      We feel your pain. This website is not written by a SETA, we are just individuals who want to help people with rock solid advice. The reason why we have SAQA and the NQF is so that discrimination stops. There seem to be so many people involved in your story, complicating it. We don’t want you ruining what ever opportunity you might have. We need more details from you, please send your email so that we can follow up. Leonie

    • Please remember that as you are an employee, if you are unhappy with your employment – the CCMA and Department of Labour are there to assist you by law.

  30. minaar

    hi…. ive completed my NQF level 4 in Engineering and related Design, so ive applied for a training at Denel to study flight mechanic and i cannot afford the fees. pls advice if there is any seta which can assist me with finance to complete my study

  31. khanyisile motloung

    i was studying early childhood development level 4 in 2012 but now i dont have money to go back to school for doing level 5&6 i need a learnership pls .i dont know how to do to get learnership

  32. I passed matric in 94,i stay in umtata.where can i go for learneship.i want to do bricklaying,plumbing,capentry,electrical installation

  33. Mpho mokgothu

    Seriously i need to know what jobs are there for public management N6

  34. Mpho mokgothu

    Im 34 with a ecd and public management n6 certificates i need a job please anything with be greatly appreciated

  35. avuyile

    hallow there I’m so happy I have finally found the place i’ve been looking forand I hope to get the answer im looking for, I did n6 management assistant at a college in grahamstown I have financial challenges regarding me starting my inservice training so I want to know which Setas can i contact since i did management assistant your response will be highly appreciated. thank you

  36. Hi Nemalinda, this site does not belong to a SETA. Subscribe to this blog to recieve articles. Keep looking for learnerships and keep applying. There is no easy way, you must keep working at it.

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